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Your can find your ideal vacation rentals getaway in Virginia this year. From the Virginia seashore to the Blue Ridge Mountains, your choices are great. Take some time and look for the best fit for you and the family. Virginia vacation rentals consist mostly of cabins, condos and houses which can provide the space and home-style qualities you'll appreciate during a longer stay. Whether you're longing to enjoy the cool night air of the mountains or wanting to frolic in the Atlantic surf at the eastern shore, you'll find Virginia vacation rentals to fit your budget and fantasy.


Virginia's American history starts with the first permanent English Colony, the Jamestown Settlement in 1607 and continues through the Revolutionary War and American Civil War. With its close proximity to Washington, DC, Virginia makes a fine host destination from which to visit and tour the nation's capital. When too much culture and history cramps your style, Virginia has the answer. With seashore, bays and fine beaches on the Atlantic, to the Blue Ridge Mountains to theme parks, zoos, state and national parks and preserves, Virginia has a wide assortment of activities to keep even the most demanding vacationer going.


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