Multiple Property Owner or Agent?

We certainly agree that your multiple properties should be shown on our web site. We have set the following schedule to economically enable you to do so:


1st property - $125.00/year  -  $85.00/6 months


2nd property - $70.00/year  -  $48.00/6 months


3rd property - $55.00/year  -  $38.00/6 months


4th - 10th property - $50.00  -  $36.00/6 months


11th and above - $45.00/year  -  $34.00/6 months

In order to best display your property's attributes and keep prospective renters interested, focused and least confused, StayNPlay ads are designed to feature a single property. While an owner/agent may make mention of additional properties in the ad, StayNPlay requires that the text and pictures be devoted to a single property.


Can't I just link to my other properties from my STAYnPLAY listing?

We allow a single link from your advertised page in StayNPlay to an external website. Multiple ads you establish in StayNPlay are normally linked together.


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