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Miami, Florida

For extended stays in the Miami area, use Miami vacation rentals for the most economical accommodations available. These house, condo and villa vacation homes, designed for the south Florida visitor, are sure to please. Draped in a tropical decor, the interiors provide that "live-like-a-native" feeling and the out-of-doors demonstrate the beautiful landscapes resulting from the balmy Miami subtropical climate. Miami vacation rentals can be conveniently located near downtown or in one of the many fabled neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city. With greater location choices and amenities than hotels or motels, Miami vacation rentals are almost always the better choice.

Miami - The Magic City - is situated on Biscayne Bay in lower Southeast Florida. As the most populous metropolitan area within Florida, it has its share of ethnicities and cultures, demonstrated best by the Cuban neighborhoods in the city's center. Long heralded as the immigration center of choice for Latinos, it has become a financial center for Latin America. Showcasing professional sports teams, deepwater cruise and cargo ports, a university, centers for the arts and a wealth of tourist venues, Miami can best be explored with a long term stay from the comfort of Miami vacation rentals.


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