This advertisement is for a one page ad, with text and pictures to support the marketing of a single property (or single unit in a multi-property environment) in a specific geographic location. StayNPlay requires that your property be available as a vacation rental for most of the year for rental periods not exceeding one month.


In order to best display your property's attributes and keep prospective renters interested, focused and least confused, StayNPlay ads are designed to feature a single property. While an owner/agent may make mention of additional properties in the ad, StayNPlay requires that the text and pictures be devoted to a single property.


Near the end of your billing period you will be notified and if you elect for your listing to continue, you will be billed at the rates shown below. Don't miss this opportunity to try our service - Don't miss the opportunity to see how well your property can do with Internet marketing. Call or Email now! Click to Email


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Why list your property with

Internet-wide searches for vacation rentals in our market cities easily find us in the top picks of the largest search engines and directories. Studies have shown overwhelmingly and conclusively that most people who purchase on the Internet or are shopping on the Internet are finding their target sites by using these same search engines and directories. This means that there will be a steady supply of visitors to your listing page who are intending to spend money.


At "StayNPlay", we work hard to keep visitors flowing to our site and your listing - it's our #1 priority. We know there is NO SUBSTITUTE for providing qualified vacation rentals prospects to you. And from the compliments of our advertisers, we know we do our job well. If you've tried other listing services and were disappointed, this offer is for you.


What will provide as an advertisement?

We provide you with a full page advertisement large enough to accommodate 12 pictures, descriptive text, rental requirements, contact info and specifics about your property, a link to your property's website and a link to a vacation rental availability calendar and guestbook, if desired. This is all assembled into a pre-formatted and highlighted display with picture thumbnails, compressed images, spelling corrections and a logical presentation to provide a fast loading, attractive, easy-to-follow, information-rich page. We will also provide a link to an availability calendar and guest book at a "non-compete" website (ex.,, prep your page to be search engine friendly and have internal links within our website designed to give your page maximum exposure. For additional information on the composition of advertisements, please check our FAQ.


How do I list my property on

It's easy! We send you an email requesting specific information which we feel vacation rental prospects want to see. When completed, it is sent to back to us by Email. It is a very thorough form compiled from our experiences in the vacation rentals market. You simply provide the requested information and send it back with about 4 (up to 12 for paid ads) digital pictures ("jpg" format) and your listing will be ready in no time. If you need to get some pictures scanned we can do that too, for an additional fee. If you are paying for your advertisement on StayNPlay and already have a listing elsewhere on the Internet, let us know. We can go to the site and collect all pertinent information. For a listing on, we will need:

  1. Up to 12 pictures, including front, interior, and/or special features.

  2. Owner's description of the property and/or surrounding areas.

  3. House/neighborhood description, rental policies, rates, etc. as described in our listing (templates).


Get additional FREE TIME for your listing...

When you are a StayNPlay subscriber and you refer others to StayNPlay, we try to reward the favor. For any referral we receive from you that subscribes to StayNPlay, we will give you an additional 3 months free on your listing. So, if you refer, please tell your referral to let us know so that we may credit your account (this must be accomplished in the initial contact or offer is invalid).


The best part ...

We believe represents one of the best advertising values you will find anywhere! One booking, for virtually any listing in these pages, usually covers more than the entire cost of listing in these pages for a year - more than several years in most cases!

There are additional advantages for paid accounts:

  1. 12 pictures per ad.

  2. Link to your property's website.

  3. Link to availability calendar and guestbook.

  4. Additional 3 months free time if "trial" property referrals to StayNPlay become paid accounts.

  5. Property link on the city directory page moves to top of category with payment.

  6. Eligible for SPECIALS to be placed on the city directory pages.

  7. Eligible for concurrent trial listings in multiple cities.


All of this coverage in is only:


$85.00 for a 6 month listing.


$125.00 for a full year listing.


$50.00 page setup fee (waived for full year subscribers)

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We accept: 

Call: 239-772-2653



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Cancellation, Refunds: 

CANCELLATION: You may cancel your account for any reason at anytime and remaining full months charges will be refunded. No partial months refunds will be issued nor will refunds be issued for those ads which were initially placed on StayNPlay with setup fees waived.

StayNPlay reserves the right to refuse requests for paid listings and be the sole interpreter of qualifications and criteria for ads.



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