Little Blue Heron Picture Gallery

The two-foot tall Little Blue Heron is a master at disguises. Overall dark blue (sometimes grayish) with a purplish neck as an adult, it is all white as a juvenile bird, a mottling mixed white to dark blue during adolescence; and has a special breeding look that features a bright blue bill with a black tip and reddish-blue neck. At almost any stage it can easily be confused with several other birds. The little blue heron is often found at the water's edge looking for small fish but can be found in the tall grass looking for insects and frogs.

The Canon EOS Digital Rebel single lens reflex (dSLR) camera was employed for most of the bird photos below. It was equipped with a  Sigma zoom lens 200-500 mm, sometimes with a 1.4 tele-extender. All photos on the page are downsized and compressed for loading speed. The high resolution 6.3 megapixel images are archived offline.

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little-blue-heron-portrait-ddwr.JPG (7749 bytes)

Pictures of Little Blue Heron looking for favorite insects and frogs. Head and neck area

little-blue-heron-crayfish-cork.JPG (10264 bytes)

little-blue-heron-bowditch-1.JPG (13160 bytes)

little-blue-heron-bowditch-2.JPG (13076 bytes)

Crayfish make nice eats!

Little Blue Heron fishing along shoreline at dusk.


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little-blue-heron-ddwr.JPG (7293 bytes)

Posing on boardwalk rail.

Pond wading for fish.

little-blue-heron-ddwr-24.JPG (9538 bytes) little-blue-heron-breeding-ddwr.JPG (6184 bytes)

Breeding look

Adolescent Little Blue Heron

little-blue-heron-immature-ddwr.JPG (7971 bytes) little-blue-heron-immature-ddwr-6.JPG (8563 bytes) little-blue-heron-immature-ddwr-2.JPG (6136 bytes)

The adolescent little blue heron is easily misidentified at distances. 

little-blue-heron-immature-ddwr-3.JPG (21482 bytes) little-blue-heron-immature-ddwr-1.JPG (17712 bytes) little-blue-heron-immature-portrait-ddwr.JPG (7819 bytes)

A strikingly pretty bird, the adolescent little blue heron gains adult colors in the second year. 




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