Pictures of Florida Wildlife

We'd been concentrating on gathering some Florida bird pictures so our "Florida Animals" archives are small but we thought you'd like to see what we have anyway. Some are unusual and not very many Florida adventurers ever get to see them because they are well off of the beaten path. We have included general information on where they were spotted so that you may plan an activity accordingly. We update our bird and animal pages frequently with newer pictures and you may want to bookmark this page in order to check back often for new photos. We also have the high resolution versions in an off-line archive. Cameras used for these pictures are the Olympus C-730 Camedia and the Canon Eos Digital Rebel. The Olympus, a standard "point and shoot" digital camera,  has a 10x optical zoom that comes in handy. The Canon is a digital single lens reflex camera (dSLR) and is intermittently equipped with various Tamrom and Sigma zoom lenses up to 500 mm with a 1.4 tele-extender. Enjoy!

alligator-portrait-enp.JPG (19168 bytes)


bison-paynes-prairie.JPG (18000 bytes)

American Bison

American Crocodile

white-tailed-deer-paynes-prairie.JPG (11028 bytes)

White-Tailed Deer

wild-pigs-ossf-12.JPG (17392 bytes)

Wild Pig

racoon-ddwr.JPG (18476 bytes)


River Otter

marsh-rabbit-ddwr.JPG (20286 bytes)

Marsh Rabbit

yellow-rat-snake-ddwr.JPG (19970 bytes)

Yellow Rat Snake

florida-softshell-turtle-ddwr-1.JPG (22173 bytes)

Florida Soft-Shell Turtle




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