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Less than 50 miles from South Florida's coastline lies the Bahamas, an island chain steeped in myths, pirate legends and new world stories. Over 700 islands are sprinkled through almost 4000 square miles of the Atlantic and Caribbean seas with the capital city, Nassau residing on the island of New Providence. Accounting for more than half of the entire Bahamas population, Nassau is a city teeming with life, tourist spots and adventure.


 The cruise to most locations in the Bahamas is short. Generally the ships move overnight to the destination ports and the passengers disembark for a day's worth of activities before returning to the ship. Entire cruises can be very short - 2-to-3 days - and quite inexpensive. On the end or beginning of a longer Florida vacation, the cost of a cruise to the Bahamas can be partially offset by savings on accommodations, food and general daily expenditures. While on board, the cruise company attends to your needs with casual and sumptuous dining experiences, midnight snacks, accommodations, planned activities and more - all for the cost of your ticket.


It's easy to do, too. You can drive to one of the many cruise facilities at selected ports in Florida and park your car in the long term parking area. If you're flying in or out, it's simple to find a carrier going to or from the cruise docks. The boarding process is amazingly quick also as cruise personnel, trained to process the hundreds or thousands of passengers you'll travel with, skillfully negotiate

and navigate you to your quarters. The same holds true for the end of the cruise when you leave the ship, providing you don't have a problem with US Customs and Immigration, who will check you upon re-entering the USA. But the cruise people give plenty of tips about "what" and "what not" to do so that this is a generally painless process.


All in all, the Bahamas cruises are so enjoyable, so easy to do, that it only makes sense to tour some of these Caribbean Islands while on your Florida vacation. Use a travel agent if you don't like getting into the details of trip planning or book your own for substantial savings. If you can afford more time, try a cruise to Bermuda, the Virgin Islands, Mexico or other Caribbean destinations from selected Florida ports.


Cruising the Bahamas


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Sunning in Daytona Beach


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Boating in Southwest Florida





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