Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How can I get a listing on StayNPlay?

Please click here for qualifications and instructions.


2. Why can't I find StayNPlay in the search engines?

Which search engines? - there are many and we are listed in many. And which keywords or phrases are you using for your search? The search phrase "Destin vacation rentals" probably won't produce the same first 20 results as the phrase "Destin vacation condos" or "vacation homes in Destin, Florida", although the searcher can get valid and similar results for all three. Search engines rank websites in an order based on a proprietary formula and revise their ranking criteria often. This can cause different websites to show in the top rankings on an ever changing basis.


3. Can I have a link on my page to my website?

Yes, we will provide a link to your property's website with your paid listing, provided it shows, at least, the same information shown on StayNPlay.


4. Do you have a traffic counter for my page?

While we closely monitor individual visitor statistics to StayNPlay, we do not place much stock in page hits or generally provide page hit counters. We track individual visits (not clicks to web pages) because each visitor is recorded only once in our logs in a 24 hour period, no matter how many times he clicks a page or how many pages he clicks. Knowledgeable people understand that most page hit counters provide erroneous data to the viewer and further, can be manipulated by persons unwittingly or intentionally. We feel our subscribers will be satisfied with inquiries and bookings alone - not page hits, so we do not encourage their use.


5. Can I have a link to my regular Availability Calendar (or Guest Book)?

StayNPlay encourages the use of availability calendars but we will provide a link on your advertising page only to a calendar (or guest book) on a non-competing website. This means we won't provide a link to another vacation rentals directory but will to a website like Rentors.Org as long as they do not compete for vacation rentals visitors and your listing is paid.


6. How can I make changes to my advertisement?

StayNPlay personnel make all changes to the website pages. Simply send the text or picture changes by email to the webmaster@staynplay. We'll get your changes in ASAP. There are no hidden costs or additional charges for this service.


7. Why can't I make changes to my advertisement by myself?

It's not designed that way, and...StayNPlay website personnel have years of experience in the design and display, marketing and promotion of websites in general and vacation rentals specifically. We use this experience and some costly software and hardware in each StayNPlay listing to set up the best possible presentation. This is accomplished in part by producing thumbnails and carefully compressing the images for best loading times (without distorting the pictures); changing brightness, contrast and cropping or rotation of pictures when necessary; editing of grammar and spelling errors; and checking for mistakes or omissions. Each property displayed on StayNPlay is carefully set up and all changes reviewed. We think this additional attention to detail in your web page results in a more presentable and professional advertisement which may produce additional bookings but at the very least, reflects better on both of us.

IMPORTANT: While StayNPlay personnel can create, change and place the text and pictures on the page, the responsibility to "proof" and insure that the ad has the correct information at all times lies with the owner/agent requesting placement or changes to the ad (click to read Terms of Service)


8. Can I list a special deal?

SPECIALS (only available for paid listings) for your property can be placed on the appropriate "city directory links" page, which is a high traffic "community" page, embedded in the link to your property page where most of the visitors to that city will see it (example: "SPECIAL: May Pricing"). However, since this is a "community page" and in order to maintain the integrity of all specials for all subscribers, we ask that you follow these guidelines if you wish to have your special on the "city links" page:


It REALLY IS a special. Discount pricing, additional privileges, etc. 


There is some timed duration to it.

Think of it in terms of a retail store sale. The sale has a starting and ending date and the better sales have plenty of inventory and deep discounts to the regular price. We often have specials that have substantially discounted prices (20% or more) for a few selected weeks or a month, especially during the slower seasons in order to get the bookings. We run these specials on the community pages for 30-45 days and most of these have good results. We think specials should enhance the StayNPlay website, excite the visitors and reward the advertiser.


9. Can I have more than four pictures displayed in my advertisement?

Yes, paid advertisers can have additional pictures (no more than 12 total for the ad) displayed in the ad.


10. Why am I at the bottom of the list? ...can I be at the top?

The city pages' links follow the ordering format of:


Categories are by number of bedrooms with most number of bedrooms on top, second-most underneath, etc.


When payment is made for a listing, either 6 or 12 month payment, we move the listing's link to the top of the (category) list.

As you might guess, this makes the results "rotate", which we feel was the fairest way to allow everyone access to the top of the (category) list - in the event this proves to be an enhanced position.


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