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Alligator Point, Florida Beach House


Those opting for a more natural Florida setting this vacation should explore life in an Alligator Point, Florida beach house. Nature abounds in one of the least developed, least visited, least touristy places left on the Florida Coast. This is a great place to swim, walk the beach, fish and relax.  We don't have many of the "attractions" of Florida's more developed places.  No tee shirt shops, beach bars, tattoo parlors, or any thing of the like.  There is not a traffic light in the county and the nearest McDonalds is 35 miles away (we do have some good local places with great seafood a lot closer).  There are however a lot of great places to visit like Bald Point, Ochlocknee River, and Wakulla Springs State Parks; St Marks and St Vincent's National Wildlife Refuges; Tate's Hell Swamp and the Apalachicola National Forest.  We have some great rivers and springs to explore and lots of natural things to do and see.


Walk the beach, swim, and fish, lie on the beach, sit on the screened porch or deck and look at the beach.  This is a great private little developed, non touristy beach.  The beach is the real reason for coming.  Other things include fishing from the beach, chartering a boat, bring or rent a boat here. The fishing is pretty good.  We regularly catch redfish, speckled trout, and Spanish mackerel from the shore.  From a boat you can also catch grouper, snapper, king mackerel, cobia, and lots more.


Have some great explorations canoeing or Kayaking. We have some really great places nearby like the Wakulla River.  The Wakulla is fed by Wakulla Springs one of the largest springs in the world.  The crystal clear water runs about 10 miles to the Gulf, there is not much development along the river and you can see lots of wildlife: Manatee if you are lucky, lots of gators, and lots and lots of birds. Other places to go include the Ochlocknee River, Wacissa River, and Tate's Hell.


Wildlife and bird watching.  This is a great place to see wildlife; we are surrounded by Wildlife Refuges, State Parks, a National Forest, and a State Forest.  We have everything from Bears and Manatee to Gopher Tortoise and Red Wolves.


Eat some local seafood, catch it and cook it yourselves, buy it in one of the local shops that sell seafood right off the boats (we have as many of these as we do gas stations), or eat in one of the local restaurants that cook it.  No better place for seafood!

But mostly, relax by your Alligator Point, Florida beach house. This is a wonderful place to just sit on the beach/deck/porch and unwind!


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