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Alligator Point

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Alligator Point bay-side piers

Alligator Point bay-side piers

Alligator Point ocean front houses

Alligator Point ocean front houses

The road to Alligator Point along the Gulf of Mexico

Entrance road along Gulf of Mexico

Alligator Point , FL

Enjoy Florida in the comfort and style of an Alligator Point  vacation rentals property. Whether you seek beaches, waterfront or quiet island surroundings, allow yourself to be pampered. The homes, villas and condos on these pages provide an excellent sampling of "local living". Live among the natives but don't do without the modern conveniences, privacy, and comfort of your own home. Dock your boat and fish in your Alligator Point vacation rentals backyard; walk the beaches at sunset; cook in the kitchen; snack when you want; watch TV and relax in the comfort of your "home-away-from-home".  

Alligator Point is in the Big Bend area of Florida's Panhandle, almost due south of Tallahassee. Mostly a narrow strip of land extending west into the Gulf of Mexico from the mainland, its high, sandy southern banks hold a collection of residential properties lazily overlooking the ocean. A paved road allows easy access through a more native-looking landscape than one usually finds around Florida's oceanfront developments. Along much of the north side of the road are piers extending into Alligator Harbour, used to dock the boats in the shallow waters of the bay. This is having your cake and eating it, too - ocean in the front yard with the boat tied up out back! Take advantage of an opportunity to live like "islanders of yesterday" by enjoying your vacation at Alligator Point vacation rentals.


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